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Strategy isn’t fire and forget. Experienced agents of change know that continuous investment in strategy should be allocated in the annual budget. That’s why many of our clients retain LCG on managed services contracts as trusted advisors even when they are in the ‘Run’ phase.

Whether your project is fully staffed or you, the visionary and sole change agent, are flying solo, our managed services will fill in the gaps.

Lima Consulting Group
Lima Consulting Group

Gabriela Monteiro,
Data Digital Acceleration Director at Sanofi

“There is no way you can make digital transformation if you don’t have the right partners, like LCG has been to us. You were seated there and deep-diving on our problems.”

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What are Managed Services?

When a customer buys a book of hours on a retainer basis over the course of a 12-month period to access our multi-disciplinary team of experts. Clients typically leverage this option when they want us to participate in their customer transformation as trusted advisors, training their digital practitioners and providing a steady hand in standing up their center of excellence and new capabilities.

When you raise your hand and book us, we plan accordingly to ensure you have the experts you need when you need them. You won’t pay for resources on the bench and can use the time in whatever way best suits your situation. The right experts with the right experience and the right certifications at the right time to get you the right solutions at the right size on the right budget.

Deep Expertise in CX:

Many of our consultants are keynote speakers on customer transformation and have consulted for over 20 years in this category. We have facilitators that can do human centered design. We bring a deep expertise to leveraging design thinking and agile processes to help your organization empathize with its customers, brainstorm potential solutions, prototype possible offerings, and then test & launch them. Our experts can guide and support your vision from start to finish.

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The Benefits of Leveraging Professional Consultants:

Even if there is a gap in our contract, our consultants are just that, they’re professional consultants. There have been many times over our 20-year history where our consultants were the longest standing team members on the customer experience transformation, provided the glue, and were able to pass on the tribal knowledge that is typically shared only between employees.

When that knowledge would have been lost due to gaps in employment, LCG has stepped in as the organization's bastion of knowledge. Regardless of your full-time staffing scenario, our institutional knowledge and comprehensive documentation remain. You can call on us in the future to pick up right where we left off. 

Proven Knowledge & Methodologies:

We’ve built a business around advising visionaries on how to successfully navigate their customer experiences. That’s why our mission is to help the visionaries of today to create the digital experiences of tomorrow. Senior executives who want to avoid pitfalls and accelerate their desired business outcomes should hire experienced and trusted advisors to navigate and mitigate the risks that lie ahead.

Lima Consulting Group

We typically offer managed services in two ways:

Tier I Support:

Clients typically engage our Tier I support to outsource functions and the management of technologies that they don’t have staff to operate.

Example: LCG can manage your marketing automation campaigns or analytics & reporting functions. 

Tier II Support:

Clients typically engage our Tier II support when they want our staff to support their practitioners and marketing operators.

Example: LCG can support and guide a marketing operation team in leveraging the best practices around Adobe’s Marketo platform.

Benefits of Managed Services

  • Proven Knowledge & Methodologies:
    Rapid access to missing capabilities and skills.
  • Rapid on-boarding of certified and knowledge subject matter experts who are accustomed to jumping into client projects.
  • Accommodate staff shortages due to unexpected events.
  • Avoidance of hiring / de-hiring costs within your organization and avoidance of following typical hiring timelines, associated with requisitioning new hires.
  • Costs and Services are scalable to demand.
  • Ability to sustain business continuity.
  • More easily contracted relative to on-boarding a FTE.
  • Quicker time to value relative to other staffing models.
  • Transparent costing model. LCG provides access to Workfront so that our customers can see how every resource is using their reported hours.
  • Knowledge of your unique environment is preserved at our institution. Our career consultants can be readily accessed long after the project is over.
  • Book of hours comes with a lower average hourly cost compared to ad-hoc rates.