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Customer experience is the number one sustainable competitive differentiator.

We start with purpose.

The Customer Experience Transformation Maturity Model first defines your purpose, desired business outcomes, and strategy before selecting platforms. In creating your digital future, you have the opportunity to assess lots of pathways to success. You may be considering a portfolio of various business models and wondering how innovating and introducing new business models to your organization will impact the way that your operating model will need to adapt.

The Customer Experience Transformation Maturity Model defined: The re-alignment and investment in Purpose, Performance, People, Process, and Platforms in support of existing and new business models to more effectively engage customers at every touchpoint with your brand.

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Our model helps change agents
charged with customer engagement
to innovate winning experiences. 

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Through collaborative vision formulation, LCG takes a long-term view of your organization. We help senior executives determine the right portfolio of business models they should adopt through strategic evaluation involving our comprehensive assessments, scenario planning, and market research. The adoption of innovative business models should align to your organization's purpose.

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Many global consulting firms start customer experience transformation initiatives by using a 5-5-5 process; that is, they conduct a workshop to solicit 5 ideas that can be generated in 5 weeks resulting in a prototype that can be launched in 5 months. Those initiatives rely more on luck than on strategy. Our process will also deliver short-term prototypes, but our customers typically need to fund digital transformation over a three-year period using a strategic roadmap that will create sustainable and competitive advantages. Organizations who can execute their strategy win. 

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Successful customer experience transformation starts at the top. They typically require the client to have a C-level champion. But they are multi-disciplinary. If the initiative is to be transformational, by definition, you will have people in your organization who have never had reason to collaborate working together to seek new answers in new ways.

For instance, many of our consultants arrive to design thinking workshops and notice that there are people in the room who think that we're the employees and that the other participants are the facilitators. They're confused because this group of people have never been assembled to work together and often, we wind up introducing the employees for the first time. 

It is imperative to get an early understanding of the current skills within the organization and the complementary ecosystem of partnerships and consultants who fill in the gaps. We conduct comprehensive capabilities assessments and skills inventory & mapping across key stakeholders, existing vendor relationships, and their associated teams. 

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After identifying and inventorying major value-driving and cost-driving processes in your organization, we will select the ones that align with your desired business outcomes and are most likely to positively impact your organization's journey in achieving it. You cannot digitize what you have not documented. Let us handle the documentation of your processes using practical mappings that are ready so that builders can build. Our process documentation is BPMN 2.0 compliant. 

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Your platforms should be assembled around your digital future, not the other way around. There's a reason in our model that technology is last. We will build a capabilities roadmap that will support your desired customer experiences. "Marchitecture" (marketing architecture) extends well beyond the marketing department. Sales-tech, fintech, legal-tech, supply chain solutions, IT, and call centers all have key roles to fill in providing innovative and winning customer experiences. 

Lima Consulting Group
Lima Consulting Group

Keith Barber
Director of Digital Customer Experience
at Tyson Foods

"Tyson and Lima Consulting Group have had a thriving relationship for the last 3.5 years. They are a trusted advisor. They are teachers, doers, and listeners."

Paul Lima, LCG Managing Partner & Keith Barber, Director of Digital Customer Experience at Tyson, speaking at Signavio World 2021

Leverage design thinking as a common language

We've successfully deployed our model in just about every major industry. It brings discipline and rigor to the transformation. Each transformation follows the steps of the model, but the outcomes of every phase will be highly customized for your moment. Your organization's dynamics, state of readiness, budget, business model ambitions, and willingness to absorb change are all taken as inputs in our recommendations.

Since 2004, we've built a catalogue of over 80 unique deliverables that can be created while leveraging the Customer Experience Transformation Maturity Model. A typical client gets 16 - 36 of those deliverables, chosen based on your organization's needs and fashioned to support your transformation's purpose. Each deliverable has an associated project plan with standards, processes, workflows, and a pricing card. These project plans offer consistency and efficiency. We provide speed to value. We help innovators create the digital future.

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Common Ingredients
to CX Success

Common Ingredients
to CX Success

Multiple Visionaries and Change Agents championing and funding CX

Multi-disciplinary and enterprise level commitment from BUs and Shared Services

Aspiration to advance an internal agenda towards a data-driven culture

Willingness to accelerate agility posture and monetize business model(s), both digital and traditional, through the use of automation and innovation

The consensus view of CX is that it is a long-term, strategic, comprehensive initiative. It's a portfolio of programs, not a one-off project.

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Whether the rationale to start your customer experience transformation was a reaction to chase a competitive imperative or your aspiration is to transform your industry through competitive differentiators, our model applies.

In the modern economy, organizations must provide great customer experience using digital tools. That means that companies that win, win on digital experience.

The Customer Experience Transformation Maturity Model is deeply intertwined with the Lima Consulting Group mission: that is, to help develop, deploy, and optimize digital experiences to create sustainable competitive advantages. We know that customer experience is the number one sustainable competitive differentiator.

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