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Lima Consulting Group

Don’t let NetSuite’s workflows drive your organization - deploy it to fit your needs

The key to a successful NetSuite implementation comes down to one concept: “does it work for you?"

NetSuite consultants have a bad reputation for being arrogant. Why is that? Because they tend to try and ask customers to abandon the way they currently do business in place of how NetSuite operates out of the box. And while that may be simple for certain processes, in other instances, there is a complete disregard for and unwillingness to understand your business. That’s why we start our NetSuite deployments with stakeholder interviews. We pay attention to detail when building an inventory of your current processes and documenting them using BPM 2.0.

Lima Consulting Group

LCG has years of experience helping clients navigating the process of purchasing NetSuite and choosing the right modules & configurations. If you’re thinking about purchasing, give us a call and we can help you navigate the process.